Logistics Checklist

Yahoo! I am so excited to work with you and be the speaker your event! The natural planner in me wants to make sure every detail is planned out.  This will ease any stress and answer any questions the day of the event.  

Please complete the following form a week before the event, or before.




please complete all the details below.

Main Contact Day of the Event *
Main Contact Day of the Event
Cell Phone Number for Main Contact *
Cell Phone Number for Main Contact
Please include times for: room setup, speaker arrival, attendees arrival, program prior to me speaking, conclusion
Theater style, dining rounds, classroom tables, etc.
What best describes the number of seats in the room? *
I always recommend just enough seats or a few seats shy of what's needed with extras stacked in the back. Gaps in seating allows for lose of energy during presentations and we all want more energy!
Include if there is a prior event, green room, etc.
This will allow me to plan any movement in my presentation.
I prefer a Cordless Handheld Microphone
Will there be a/v screens in the room? *
What lighting will be used? *
What recording devices will be used during my presentation? *
Per contract I may request copies of the recordings.