Living by Yes!

Hello Holidays! Where did Fall go? 

I can't be the only one thinking I have so much to do before the end of the year! That said I am rockin' through this last month of 2017 and eager to share one of the words I live by, as we all end 2017 on a good note!

It's simple.

Even sometimes taken for granted.

Other times looked at as something to avoid.


The word is Yes!


Saying Yes, rather than no is something I touch on in many of my talks and I think it's something we all should seriously consider. So why talk about it now in the blog? I'm glad you asked!

As I sat in church this past Sunday, I found myself completely connecting with the message of the day.  That message was covering the word Yes in every aspect possible. It hit me how refreshing it was to hear this and how wide spread the idea of saying No is. How many times we hear people say don't overload yourself, know when to say no, it's okay to say no. All that talk overshadows the important message of the word Yes. I thought to myself how many people were missing the message I was receiving right then, because their butts weren't in the pews Sunday morning. 

So I had to share! 

Why is Yes so important.


First, it leaves doors open and it opens new ones!

How will you ever grow, excel, push yourself to the next phase in life without saying Yes?

In life we are presented with many opportunities left and right, it's on us to say Yes to them.  You will never know what's possible unless you say Yes to life!


Second, saying Yes should be Easy!

Say Yes on your own terms.  You don't have to answer on the terms of the person presenting you with a decision. Answer based on this: how does something fit your life, your goals and your passion. 


Third, did you know in improv actors always say Yes!

You know you have had a real "moment" when you love the message in church and go home to dive into it more to happen upon quotes from one of your favorite actresses, Tina Fey. Talk about worlds coming together!  The Yes policy works incredibly well in improv. Think how actors/actresses find themselves in unimaginable (made up) scenarios and not only have to keep the story going, they have to make us laugh.  And they do! They do it by saying Yes!

I love thinking of Yes in this way!

it adds a level of lightness to it and sense of humor!



Fourth, "it is not wrong to be happy, it is not wrong to be joyful. when others are not".

A strong line from Pastor Fred's Sunday message.

If you go to meet a good friend and they are just having one heck of a day. They're down, negative and saying no to everything. Will that change if you go along with their mood? Nope!  Stay positive, keeping living by your Yes.  You'll be pleasantly surprised at what it does for them and how you continue to grow within.


We all may not be comfortable saying amen in moments of THANKFULNESS and that's alright! We all can come together in giving each other grace, by saying Yes instead. 


Going into 2018 I encourage to make a resolution, a goal...whatever "your thing" is. say one word a bit more, that is....

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