When a Mountain Doesn't Seem So Big Anymore.

Sunday we wrapped up the hot Summer weekend with an evening in the park for a concert. Shelter Gardens, a place I have been to dozens of times in my life and frequented the same concerts as a child with my family. This was a first for the guys and a special family tradition of mine to start for us. Part of visiting the park is walking the paths seeing the ponds, fish, old schoolhouse and the waterfall!


I can close my eyes and go right back to the moments of visiting this waterfall as a child. It's height as tall as the sky, towering over the gardens and fish below, while providing the sounds of rushing water to the wishing pond. It was that big then, I swear it! As a child I climbed the back side of the waterfall, reaching the top I felt queen of the world and that my parents were miles away below. I'm sure I yelled my words to reach them, "Look I did it!". That climb was a scary one and I know took convincing myself. Those climbs were back in the days of less liability, now a sign is posted with fencing around the backside (LOL).

Climbing Sign.jpg

On our recent Sunday visit we started our walk on the opposite end of the park from the waterfall. Cruising between ponds, through the gardens, and then to the waterfall. As we crossed the bridge, I imagined how grand it would be, how big it would be to all of us! As we rounded the corner the waterfall came into view and it's height was instantly smaller than imagined. I honestly had a moment of "did they rebuild the waterfall? It's only half it's size!". At the same time as my inner thought was the sound of pure awe and wow from the 6 year old running ahead.

And I snapped right out of it! Opening my mind to realize the waterfall was still towering, grand and larger than life...to him, to a child. To me an adult it had changed. What was once something I needed to be convinced to conquer now seemed small. I gave all of this more thought this week, and found it relates so much to our everyday lives and decisions.

What If we took a moment, right now, to step out of our current position and open our minds.  What would happen?

We would find strength in ourselves, we could grow!


Ask yourself - What could you accomplish if you...

Took a step back. Gave yourself a breathe. Look at your current mountain. Your mountain doesn't need to lose its grandeur, instead let it only lose the requirement of needing convincing to climb it and the barriers that creates inside of you.

What mountains do you have your life right now?

Launching a business?

Going for that promotion?

Having a heart to heart with your spouse?

Take a another look.

that mountain may not be so big and hard to conquer. 


- Anne

Gracefully Authentic.