Outside Influences Affecting Your Future

Pause, take a moment to ask yourself, in the last week...


How many times have you second guessed yourself?

Have you made a decision based on a someone else's story or experience?

Have you been PLEASANTLY surprised, only to realize you had lowered your exceptions?

Now, let's chat!  I am an avid podcast junkie. I'm talking all day at the office to falling asleep every night junkie! Anything from pulling at your heart strings Dear Sugar to badass business women like Poppy Harlow.  It was during one of my daily podcast binges while plugging away at my to-do list that I second guessed a recent decision. A very big recent decision!  I thought "yikes maybe I'm not doing this whole speaking thing right", this thought hit me as I listened to someone else's story. The podcast was addressing growing your business in new avenues.  It resonated with me because I now juggle three different companies. They talked about how growth like what I am seeking has to come organically, you can't ask for it - instead you will be asked and sought out by others when they see you as an expert!

ACE Fav Podcasts.png

I sat back in my chair and said aloud Wow! Really! This was just weeks after applying to speak at a number of conferences and currently sitting fingers crossed that I would score just one - maybe 2 or 3 if they really understood my passion. And I thought "oh should have not done that, should I have waited to be asked! But how long would that take?".  Then, as I do, I set those thoughts and feelings aside - selected a new podcast episode (a little scorned) and moved on to the next thing on my to-do list. 

Flash forward a few days later and I caught myself on a Friday afternoon thinking "it's been a little bit since I applied for xyz conference, it's 5 weeks away...guess I didn't get it.  Should I have waited to be asked, am I not good enough!?!?" All those thoughts from that podcast episode rolled back!  I'm not kidding you in that same moment my inbox lite up with a new email. 

Guess what! They booked me! Once the excitement settled I sat back and thought about the flood of doubtful thoughts I had just experienced moments before. Was I seriously considering sitting back and waiting to be asked? Me, Anne, wait to be asked. That's not me. When have I ever sat back, waited, and actually gotten what I wanted? I can't count a single time!  Why would I sit back now and not do what makes me truly happy?

This experience led me to today, and asking you to take a moment to check in with yourself with the questions that started this post.  So if you didn't then, do it now. I'll leave you with this...

Happiness is:

Fulfilling your dreams.

Is saying yes to opportunities.

Taking risks, not sitting back and waiting to be asked.

As we all navigate life's twist and turns take moments to think are they your own twists and turns, or are they someone else's. Don't second guess yourself, instead second guess the outside influences that you allow into your life. 

- Anne

Gracefully Authentic.