Put Yourself In a Place You Thrive

Hey There! This week's Facebook Midweek Boost deserved more than just a few words, it deserves a full blog post!

This week I'm encouraging you to give thought to your work surroundings.

To Put Yourself In a Place You Thrive!

Pay attention to: What is around you and Where you are.

First, I have to share with you my current work "state of mind".  We are in the midst of 9 events in 7 weeks, yep it's Event & Wedding Season.  So that means my running to-do list in Asana is 400+ tasks at any given moment.  That also means my me time is limited and my family time is precious, because of course it's also our Son's soccer and baseball seasons (and I volunteered to be Team Mom, don't expect anything less!).

So what does this state of mind mean. 

1. I could be insanely stressed and count the days till it's all over. Or...

2. I make the most of every moment I'm working and enjoy it. Because I do LOVE what I do for a "job"

The best way for me to do this:

Be Mindful of My Surrounds

Put Myself In Places I Get The Most Work Done 

so I did just that I worked my entire day on our back deck.

Fest your eyes on the haven we created, I get to calL "my office"...

And you know what I got done in this calm, quiet setting....

two types of people.jpg

Everything! New client booked, all current clients taken care of, every item on my to-do done (for the day)...plus a few for later in the week. And this blog post written!

I must show it in numbers, because we all need to justify our accomplishments!  I sent 75 emails, 75! And y'all my inbox is down to 8 emails! Yes I'm one of those people that can not handle a full inbox or those horrid red dots on my iphone! Ah!!!



During your most stressful times or when you need a pick me up...Get yourself out of your normal work space.  Go somewhere else you can power through things when your work load is high and you have no choice but to get it all done.  

Here's some ideas of places to put yourself to thrive!

1. Your deck, or another outdoor space at home.

2. A co-working space - thrive off other's energy.

3. The quietest coffee shop, not the one everyone goes to on the convenient corner of town

Even just down the hall in front of a window, do it! 

Be Mindful of My Surroundings

The payoff is great!